Vector and Tensor Analysis, Applications to Fluid Mechanics

  • Meinhard T. Schobeiri

Tensors in Three-Dimensional Euclidean Space

In this section, we briefly introduce tensors, their significance to fluid dynamics and their applications. The tensor analysis is a powerful tool that enables the reader to study and to understand more effectively the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Once the basics of tensor analysis are understood, the reader will be able to derive all conservation laws of fluid mechanics without memorizing any single equation. In this section, we focus on the tensor analytical application rather than mathematical details and proofs that are not primarily relevant to engineering students. To avoid unnecessary repetition, we present the definition of tensors from a unified point of view and use exclusively the three-dimensional Euclidean space, with N = 3 as the number of dimensions. The material presented in this chapter has drawn from classical tensor and vector analysis texts, among others those mentioned in References. It is tailored to specific needs of fluid mechanics and is considered to be helpful for readers with limited knowledge of tensor analysis.


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