Intergenerational Equity

  • Dinah Shelton
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Part of the Beiträge zum ausländischen öffentlichen Recht und Völkerrecht book series (BEITRÄGE, volume 213)


The concept of international solidarity is usually invoked in reference to links across present-day affinities, but the allegiance of individuals and groups to their local community, State of nationality, ethnic group, religion, or the human species as a whole, probably pales in comparison with the strength of intergenerational family bonds. In most societies solidarity between generations is an expected part of family life and a part of the individual psychology of “self-transcendence”. In the private sphere this is reflected in the families’ care of the elderly, support for minor and adult children, and financial or other bail-outs of siblings and cousins. Succession and inheritance laws reflect a general human desire to transmit the benefits and accumulations of the present to existing and future descendants and collateral relatives.


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