Purple Rose of Cairo in Reverse

  • António Câmara
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5915)


In Woody Allen’s Purple Rose of Cairo, an actor could leave the film and become real. There are virtual reality (VR) technologies that may enable to achieve the reverse: a spectator entering the movie and interacting with people and objects. But in VR, one needs to develop costly synthetic worlds that are not real. With augmented reality (AR), one superimposes synthetic over real images. It is less expensive and more realistic.

YDreams Simvideo is an AR approach that facilitates the insertion and control of virtual characters in real scenes. In short, Simvideo enables an interactive Roger Rabbitt, by using real time occlusion, collision detection and shadow casting techniques. Illustrative applications of Simvideo in gaming, advertising, television and cinema are presented.  They show Simvideo’s current capabilities and limitations in story telling.

A blueprint for a future version of Simvideo is also an anticipation of interactive stories that one day will populate those media: a visual blur between reality and fiction, where artificial intelligence repairs the broken narrative of augmented worlds. The story of an augmented visit to Lisbon is used for illustrative purposes.


virtual reality interaction technologies spectator engagement 

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