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Testing k-Safe Petri Nets

  • Conference paper

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCCN,volume 5826)


Petri nets have been widely studied as tool for specification, modeling and analysis of concurrent systems. However, surprisingly little research has been done for testing systems that are specified with Petri nets. When a formal model is used, variations of Finite State Machines are often used for the automated generation of test cases. In this paper, we study automated conformance testing when the formal specification is given as a k-safe Petri net. We provide a general framework to perform these tests, and give a few algorithms for test case generation based on different assumptions. We provide two inefficient, but general algorithms for k-safe Petri net conformance testing. We also provide efficient algorithms for testing k-safe free-choice Petri nets under specific fault assumptions.


  • Conformance testing
  • fault model
  • k -safe Petri nets
  • free-choice Petri nets
  • automatic test generation


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