Conceptual Discovery of Educational Resources through Learning Objectives

  • Stuart A. Sutton
  • Diny Golder
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This poster reports on current work with the NSF-funded Achievement Standards Network (ASN) to support discovery of educational resources in digital libraries using conceptual graphs of officially promulgated achievement standards statements. Conceptual graphs or knowledge maps of achievement standards reveal the macrostructure of the learning domain modeled by those standards and support higher-level understanding by teachers and students. The work builds on the conceptual framework of the AAAS knowledge maps by providing the means to flexibly define and deploy new relationship schemas to fit the disparate modeling needs of the nearly 740 learning standards documents in the ASN repository. Using an RDF-based, node-link representation of learning goals and the relationships among them, the ASN Knowledge Map Service will provide the framework to correlate educational resources to nodes in conceptual models in order to augment more conventional mechanisms of discovery and retrieval in digital libraries.


digital libraries content and curriculum standards knowledge maps conceptual discovery 


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  • Stuart A. Sutton
    • 1
  • Diny Golder
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  1. 1.University of Washington and JES & Co.USA

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