Dynamics of Glacier Flow

  • Ralf Greve
  • Heinz Blatter
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As mentioned in the introduction (Chapter 1), the size of land ice masses spans several orders of magnitude, from large ice sheets of a few thousand kilometres in diameter down to small glaciers of a few hundreds of metres in length. Consequently, the scaling given for ice sheets in Chapter 5 [Eqs. (5.5) and (5.102)] is not valid for smaller ice caps and glaciers, and needs to be modified. However, the Froude number (5.7) and Coriolis-force-to-pressure-gradient ratio (5.10) are always extremely small compared to unity, and therefore the Stokes flow problem formulated in Sect. 5.1 is applicable to land ice masses of all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, the applicability of the approximations defined in Sects. 5.2 to 5.4 is limited by the size of the ice masses.


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