Nadia Busi (1968–2007)

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Nadia Busi obtained a Master in Computer Science in 1993, at the University of Bologna. In 1997 she obtained a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Siena; her thesis entitled “Petri Nets with Inhibitor and Read Arcs: Semantics, Analysis and Application to Process Calculi” won the annual prize of the Italian Chapter of EATCS for the best Italian PhD thesis.

The scientific activity of Nadia was very broad, and covered different aspects of theoretical computer science. Her first interests concerned the investigation of expressiveness problems in concurrency theory. In collaboration with Roberto Gorrieri and Gianluigi Zavattaro, she studied primitive nets, a subclass of Petri nets with inhibitor arcs, investigating various decidable properties of such nets. She also studied different properties of various process calculi, by mapping them on primitive nets.

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