Interaction between Dynamic LED-Light and Color Surfaces

  • Ralf Michel
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The many different interactions between light and colours represent a very important research topic at the Zurich University of the Arts. This is why the Zurich ColourLight-Center was set up at the Institute for Design und Technology, idt. For more than 15 years, we have been investigating the potential of interactions of light and colour and asking fundamental questions about the relevance of the subject to the development of design education and practice. In the ColourLight-Lab, the research project, which we present from the Zurich ColourLight-Center, products and methods of presentation were created, which describe the sensory perception of light and colour as a phenomenon of seeing. The LED-ColourLab research project specially takes as its theme, the interaction of dynamic LED light and colour surfaces.


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  • Ralf Michel
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  1. 1.Vice Head Institute of Design & Technology/Managing Team Color-Light CenterZurich University of the ArtsZuerichSwitzerland

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