Carbon – Niobium – Silicon

Refractory metal systems: phase diagrams, crystallographic and thermodyamic data
  • Materials Science International Team, MSIT ®
  • Gabriele Cacciamani
  • Paola Riani
Part of the Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry book series (volume 11E2)


This document is part of Volume 11 ‘Ternary Alloy Systems: Phase Diagrams, Crystallographic and Thermodynamic Data’, Subvolume E ‘Refractory Metal Systems’, of Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV ‘Physical Chemistry’.

It contains crystallographic and thermodynamic data about the ternary alloy system:C-Nb-Si

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  • Materials Science International Team, MSIT ®
    • 1
  • Gabriele Cacciamani
  • Paola Riani
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