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As detailed in Chap. 1, system implementations for dynamic taxonomies and faceted search allow a wide range of query possibilities on the data. Only when these are made accessible by appropriate user interfaces, the resulting applications can support a variety of search, browsing and analysis tasks.

User interface design in this area is confronted with specific challenges. This chapter presents an overview of both established and novel principles and solutions. Based on a definition of core principles (see Sect. 4.1) and challenges (see Sect. 4.2), we define a taxonomy of navigation modes observed in existing applications (see Sect. 4.3). On that basis, design patterns for enabling these navigation modes in user interfaces (see Sect. 4.4) as well as extensions and related approaches (see Sect. 4.5) are discussed. The chapter closes with an approach to personalizing faceted search (see Sect. 4.6).


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