Evolution of Optical Access Networks

  • Pandelis Kourtessis
  • Carlos Almeida
  • Ching-Hung Chang
  • Jiajia Chen
  • Silvia Di Bartolo
  • P. Fasser
  • Maurice Gagnaire
  • Erich Leitgeb
  • Mário Lima
  • Markus Löschnigg
  • Marian Marciniak
  • Natasa Pavlovic
  • Y. Shachaf
  • Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira
  • Giorgio Maria Tosi Beleffi
  • Lena Wosinska
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This chapter reviews the current developments in access network architectures and protocols to communicate dynamically the emerging broadband services to end-users at low cost. Following a summary of Gigabit Ethernet and Passive Optical Network (PON) standards and deployment issues with reference to Ethernet (EPON) and Gigabit-capable PON (GPON) infrastructures, an original transparent network architecture is presented to allow interoperability of time division multiplexing (TDM) and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) PONs, by means of coarse routing. To provide flexible connectivity at extended service reach hybrid wireless and free space optic technologies have been investigated to terminate mobile end users to high bandwidth PON terminals. To demonstrate independent bandwidth management of the constituent sectors of such architectures developed dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithms are summarised followed by an original control plane to coordinate the various mandatory access control (MAC) protocols. Finally, to provide reliable service delivery several protection schemes have been analysed.


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  10. 10.KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Information & Communication TechnologyKistaSweden

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