Optical Signal Processing Techniques for Signal Regeneration and Digital Logic

  • Karin Ennser
  • Slavisa Aleksic
  • Franco Curti
  • D. M. Forin
  • Michael Galili
  • M. Karasek
  • L. K. Oxenløwe
  • Francesca Parmigiani
  • Periklis Petropoulos
  • Radan Slavík
  • Maria Spyropoulou
  • Stefano Taccheo
  • Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira
  • Ioannis Tomkos
  • G. M. Tosi Beleffi
  • Cedric Ware
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5412)


This chapter presents recent developments in optical signal processing techniques and digital logic. The first section focuses on techniques to obtain key functionalities as signal regeneration and wavelength conversion exploiting nonlinear effects in high nonlinear fibres and semiconductor optical amplifiers. The second section covers techniques for clock recovery and retiming at high-speed transmission up to 320 Gb/s. In addition a technique to obtain OTDM demultiplexing based on cross-phase modulation is reported.


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  • Ioannis Tomkos
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  • G. M. Tosi Beleffi
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  • Cedric Ware
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