Machine-based Intelligent Face Recognition

pp 13-70

Fundamentals and Advances in Biometrics and Face Recognition

  • Dengpan MouAffiliated withHarman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH


In this chapter, we mainly focus on the fundamentals and advances in the research of biometric recognition. In section 1, generalized biometric procedures and categories are defined and overviewed. This is followed in section 2 by the brief introduction and surveys on current cognitive science research. The essential point here is the fundamental intelligence of human brains. In section 3, machine-based biometric recognition tasks and methods are explored. As the marketing leader, fingerprint recognition is exclusively discussed in more details. Section 4 to 7 explores state-of-the-art research and limitations in machine-based face recognition, in video base-face recognition and in unsupervised recognition systems. This chapter ends by the summary as well as further thoughts inspired from both cognitive and machine recognition research.