Prolegomena to Dynamic Epistemic Preference Logic

  • Satoru Suzuki
Conference paper
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In this paper, we propose a new version of sound and complete dynamic epistemic preference logic (DEPL). Both preference logic and dynamic epistemic logic have gained considerable attention in linguistics, computer science and philosophy. Recently van Benthem and Liu proposed to integrate preference logic with dynamic epistemic logic. They called the resulting logic ‘dynamic epistemic upgrade logic (DEUL)’. DEUL cannot deal with the dynamic interactions between knowledge and preferences originating from decisions makings under other circumstances than certainty. On the other hand, DEPL can deal with the dynamic interactions between knowledge and preferences originating from decisions makings under certainty, risk, uncertainty and ignorance. So DEPL has much wider scope of application than DEUL. Providing DEPL with measurement-theoretic semantics enables it to deal with such wide scope of decision problems.


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