Rubato Composer GUI

  • Gérard Milmeister
Part of the Computational Music Science book series (CMS)


The Rubato Composer GUI presents the mathematics of forms and denotators to the user in a comfortable way, using visual representations wherever possible.Whereas the low-level, programmer-oriented, application programming interface (API) allows the developer to create and manipulate the objects from the Rubato Composer universe in whatever way he likes, the Rubato Composer GUI offers a more restricted, but visually more appealing method for working with these objects, following the general pattern of data flow systems. Further, the user interface allows the creation and management of the various types of objects, i.e., modules, module elements, morphisms, forms and denotators, through a number of interactive tools. Thus, the system offers direct manipulation in addition to data flow tools, in this sense making it a hybrid implementation.


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