Integral Calculus in the Complex Plane C

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In Section I.5 we already encountered the problem of finding a primitive function for a given analytic function \(f:D \to \mathcal{C}, D\subset \mathcal{C}\) open, i. e., an analytic function \(F:D\to \mathcal{C}\) such that \(F^\prime = f.\)

In general, one may ask: Which functions \(f : D \to \mathcal{C}, D \subset \mathcal{C}\) open, have a primitive? Recall that in the real case any continuous function \(f : [a, b] \to \mathcal{R}, a < b\), has a primitive, namely, for example the integral
$$F(x): = \int^{x}_{a} f(t) dt.$$
Whether one uses the notion of a RIEMANN integral or the integral for regulated functions is irrelevant in this connection.


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