Statistical Distributions

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Our information updating valuation model is based on the decision model of Huchzermeier and Loch (2001). Contrary to their model, we limit the variability of the product performance to N = 1. In the subsequent section, we will explain this limitation and its implication for our model in greater detail and prove the validity of applying the properties derived by Huchzermeier and Loch to our case. For reasons of consistency, we will apply our notation also to their properties and proofs. Chapter 8:In the subsequent section, we provide a summary of the key statistical distributions that are used throughout the thesis. All properties presented in Chapter 3 as well as the derived results presented in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 are based on the density functions as defined below. We will limit this listing to the definition of the density function, the range of parameter values, and its most interesting moments. (cf. Carlin and Louis 2000, p. 323 ff.)


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