After introductory remarks about the reasons for information technology (IT) governance, we will illustrate briefly that IT has developed into a technology affecting virtually all facets of society fundamentally. The developments sketched show how IT governance could grow into a problematic phenomenon, and makes it plausible why the theme of ‘business and IT alignment’ is addressed frequently in the literature. This theme and a number of IT governance perspectives will then be discussed. We will show that IT governance approaches presented in the literature are primarily structurally oriented, with a strong focus on control and decision-making arrangements. The limitations of such an approach will then be argued. These limitations provide the context for arguing that the realization of real business value through IT applications can only be established through a focus on design, whereby IT architecture provides the normative, guiding support. This will be emphasized as a core aspect of the competency-based IT governance vision. Three essential IT governance core competencies are discussed. These competencies provide the answer to the limitations of the structural approach to IT governance, as well as providing the answer to the necessary design focus. Pertinent to the IT governance core competencies, the overall governance process will be illustrated, and related formal meetings are indicated. Support competencies are mentioned briefly. In view of the tasks of these core competencies, the necessary central position of the IT governance competence is stressed, also in view of reducing IT legacy complexity. Finally, the often mentioned CobiT framework for IT governance is discussed, and our own perspective on IT governance maturity will be presented.


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