Liposuction and Superior Pedicle

  • Felix Giebler
  • Eva Giebler

Most of the vascularization of the breast comes from superiorly the lateral thoracic artery, from the perforators of the internal mammary, and from the intercostal perforators three to six [1, 2]. The nipple—areolar complex (NAC) is perfused by superficial dermal vessels [3] that are important for cosmetic procedures and deepithelial-ization. The lymphatic drainage of the breast is established by the axillary lymph nodes and the parasternal (inter-thoracic) primary lymph nodes.

The vascularization and the innervation (from the superior portion of the supra clavicle nerves and from the third to fifth branches of the clavicle plexus) are highly important for the formation and the function of a flap or pedicle [4]. A cosmetic procedure on the breast should not interfere with the sensitivity or the vascularization of the NAC, in order to not hamper its function and its erotic function, too. Whichever technique is used, it is important to preserve the nipple sensation [5].


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