Axillary Reduction Mammaplasty

  • Yhelda Felicio

The first description of reduction mammaplasty in the literature was in the seventh century when Durstin [1], in 1669, described breast reduction surgery. Beisenberg [2] treated gynecomastia, but it was only at the beginning of the past century that the major contributions related to the issue began to be cited in the literature such as studies by Arié [3], Mouly and Dufourmentel [4], Strombeck [5], Pitanguy [6], Andrews [7], and Peixoto [8]. These authors brought new contributions to the development of breast reduction techniques. According to many authors, the surgical techniques for treating breast hypertrophy and ptosis should be the ones the surgeon is best at. The negative aspects pointed out for classical reduction mammaplasty are the size of the scars, a fact with which most patients agree.

The results of an interactive survey on mastoplasty carried out at the XXI Sao Paulo Plastic Surgery Day in Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, June 2001 showed that patients' major complaints referred to inappropriate scars (59.4%), late postoperative ptosis (16.5%), inadequate shape (11.4%), and breast asymmetry (7.6%); 5.1% did not have any one of the given complaints.


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