Endoscopic Mastopexy and Breast Reduction

  • Marco Aurelio Faria-Correa

New concepts regarding skin elasticity were introduced in the field of plastic surgery by way of innovative techniques of liposuction and circum-mammary breast reduction [1–3]. These new concepts, which concern the capacity of the skin to retract, allowed the author to investigate the feasibility of applying endo-scopic methods to subcutaneous tissue to avoid skin resection. The author began by modifying the mini-abdominoplasty technique as well as the techniques for breast reduction and mastopexy — endoscopy was also used as an aid for the flap harvesting and placement of tissue expanders — and developed promising research regarding axillary and inguinal lymph node dissections [4].

Video endoscopic methods have been used in differ-ent surgical fields such as gynecology, orthopedics, and general surgery where many advantages have been shown. There are less tissue trauma, lower rates of infection, and minimal scars [5].


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  • Marco Aurelio Faria-Correa
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  1. 1.Department of Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryCatholic University Hospital Centro Clinico do HSLPUCPorto AlegreBrazil

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