Breast Reduction Techniques and Outcomes

  • Courtney Crombie
  • Irfan Ibrahim Galaria
  • Colette Stern
  • W Bradford Rockwell

Liposuction was first introduced as the sole technique for reduction mammaplasty in 1991 by Matarasso and Courtiss [1]. Surgeons who administer liposuction breast reduction feel that some of the complications associated with traditional breast reductions, such as infection, wound dehiscence, skin loss, numbness, and aesthetically unpleasing scars, may be avoided. This technique is most appropriately employed when the patient has minimal breast ptosis or if the ptosis is of secondary importance. If ptosis correction is a major concern to the patient, liposuction alone may not be the optimal technique. The elastic recoil of the skin following liposuction will improve ptosis to some degree, though the amount is unpredictable.

Breast reduction with ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty [2] is a technique that has been reported to be safe and effective in reducing the fatty volume and providing lift of the breast. Goes [3], Zocchi [4], and Di Giuseppe [2] review this technique and advocate the efficacy of ultrasound as an adjunct to liposuction breast reduction.


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