Mastopexy/Reduction and Augmentation without Vertical Scar

  • Sid J. Mirrafati

Breast lift or reduction is a common procedure frequently performed by a cosmetic breast surgeon. Breast reduction is a very satisfying procedure for the patients, as they do not have to carry such a massive weight and there is relief from the shoulder pain radiating to the arm or the lower back pain. The results are so satisfying that patients, for most part, do not complain about the scarring that is lef behind from the breast reduction procedure. In the case of breast lift with augmentation, the patients are so happy with the new upright, fuller breast that they are not too concerned about the inci-sional scar.

As a cosmetic surgeon, we owe it to our patients to always strive for the best results with minimal incision. Cosmetic surgeons around the world have been introducing new techniques that would deliver results with minimal scarring. There have been several techniques that have been introduced for the full breast lift/reduc-tion procedure that entail having a vertical scar running down from the areolar to the inframammary fold. The only scar that seems to bother the majority of the patients is the vertical scar and the scar on the sides when the inframammary scar is not kept under the breast, such as with the McKissock reduction and the Lejour technique.


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