Dermal Purse String Reduction Mastopexy

  • Franco Marconi
  • Filippo Brighetti

Despite the inventiveness, skill and efforts on the part of plastic surgeons to set up an ideal method for correction, reduction mammaplasty remains one of the most problematic and exciting chapters of plastic surgery. Many advances have been made since the time of Biesenberger, and patients can now be assured of good average results in terms of morphology, projection, symmetry, and residual scars. The ideal reduction mammaplasty still, however, does not exist and probably never will.

Every surgeon uses his or her own most suitable methods, and although the creators of new techniques tend to urge their colleagues to adopt these, perhaps this is a mistake, because the same clinical results will not necessarily be obtained from the hands of others. Thus, the main duty of the scientist should be to publish his achievements and submit his results for public approval and review.


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  • Franco Marconi
  • Filippo Brighetti

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