“Flip-Flap” Mastopexy and Breast Reduction

  • Robert S. Flowers
  • Adil Ceydeli

We all appreciate the importance of breasts in the aesthetics of the female body, which drives our vigilant search for better operations to improve their shape, design, and durability. Few of those described withstand the test of time. The “Flip-Flap Mastopexy” is, however, one that has done so, and remains our favorite among those that have withstood [1, 2].

The problem with mastopexy techniques that rely on the integrity of the dermis or skin flaps to hold and retain the breast in an elevated position is that the stretching of skin allows the breast to droop again in relatively few months. Most mastopexies and breast reduction operations leave heavy breast bulk to remain in the lower pole of the breast. The thrust of that bulk eventually causes “restretching” of the skin that is already “programmed” to expand and accommodate breast enlargement (Fig. 16.1). This manifests as recurrent ptosis, typically apparent within a year after mas-topexy. Secondary skin resections temporarily restore breast contour, but regression rapidly recurs.


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  • Adil Ceydeli
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