Short Scar Mastopexy with Flap Transposition: The Concept of the Biological Implant in Cosmetic Breast Surgery

  • Moshe S. Fayman

The goal of mastopexy is defined as reconstructing an aesthetically pleasing breast by remodeling the breast mound, by repositioning the nipple—areola complex (NAC) in an appropriate position, and by reducing a large areola to a proportionate size. The use of breast tissue as a biological implant is a novel idea that entrusts the surgeon with a powerful tool to sculpt the contour of the breast. The concept can be applied in various manners to obtain specific aesthetic goals.


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Dedication and Acknowledgments

This work is dedicated with love to my wife, Mirry, the wind beneath my wings. The author gratefully acknowledges the Medical art work skillfully performed by Dr. Estelle Potgieter and Ms. Dana Fayman.


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