Ontologies for Production Automation

  • Jose L. Martinez Lastra
  • Ivan M. Delamer
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4891)


The manufacturing sector is currently under pressures to swiftly accommodate new products by quickly setting up new factories or retrofitting existing ones. In order to achieve this goal, engineering tasks currently performed manually need to be automated. In this scenario, ontologies emerge as a candidate solution for representing knowledge about manufacturing processes, equipment, and products in a machine-interpretable way. This knowledge can then be used by automated problem-solving methods to (re)configure the control software that coordinates and supervises manufacturing systems. This chapter reviews current approaches to use ontologies in the manufacturing domain, which include use for vocabulary definition in multi-agent systems and use for describing processes using Semantic Web Services. In addition, current and emerging research trends are identified.


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  • Ivan M. Delamer

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