The Y-Compactness in L-Fuzzy Topological Spaces

  • Yin-hang Wang
  • Shi-zhong Bai
Part of the Advances in Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 54)


In this paper, we introduce the Y-compactness in L-fuzzy topological spaces. It possesses the following properties: (1) Y-compactness is hereditary for Y-closed subsets, (2) Y-compactness is preserved under Y-irresolute mapping. (3) Every set with finite support is Y-compactness. The Y-compactness is defined for arbitrary L-fuzzy subsets. It is described with α-net, α-filter, r-Y-cover form and r  + -finite intersection property.


L-fuzzy topological spaces Y-closed set Remote-neighborhood Compactness Y-compactness 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yin-hang Wang
    • 1
  • Shi-zhong Bai
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and PhysicsWuyi UniversityGuangdongP.R. China

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