Data Integration Support to the Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period Project (CEOP)

  • Kenneth R. McDonaldEmail author
  • Yonsook Enloe
  • Liping Di
  • Daniel Holloway
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While it is certainly true that many Earth science research and applications projects suffer from the lack of necessary environmental data and information products, an equally daunting challenge is the ability to effectively access, analyze, compare and integrate those products that do exist. This is especially true when the information products come from different sources with varying spatial and temporal resolutions and are processed and made available from different data systems with their own particular services, characteristics and conventions. Addressing this challenge requires a true partnership and the combined efforts of experts in the particular science or application discipline with those who have expertise in data systems capabilities and information technology.


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Drs. Christopher Lynnes and Wenli Yang from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and George Mason University, respectively, have played major roles in the development of the NASA CEOP Satellite Data Server in the later stages of the project and their contributions are hereby acknowledged.


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