Prerequisites for the Productive Usage of Hybrid Systems

  • Danny Sternkopf
  • Martin Galle
Conference paper


The employment of a hybrid system can be very advantageous to increase the efficiency of coupled applications. This paper addresses the evaluation of the HLRS environment as a hybrid system. HLRS operates different architectures like NEC SX-8 (Vector), NEC TX-7 IA64 (SMP) and PC cluster based on Intel EM64T. The different and independent computing systems of this environment can be coupled and used as a hybrid system, if a respective set of software components is provided. The evaluation presented in this paper focuses on Batch systems, Global File systems and MPI/coupling software.


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  • Danny Sternkopf
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  • Martin Galle
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  1. 1.NEC Deutschland GmbHStuttgartGermany

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