Complications Related to Graft

  • Umile Giuseppe LongoEmail author
  • Luca Denaro
  • Nicola Maffulli
  • Vincenzo Denaro

Arthrodesis of the spine is a commonly employed procedure for several cervical spinal pathologies, including deformity, instability, trauma, and degenerative diseases [1–5]. Failure of fusion is always a therapeutic challenge. Bone graft is used in cervical spine surgery to achieve several goals: to enhance bone healing reducing the risk of nonunion [6], to reconstruct bony defects, to restore the load-bearing capacity of the cervical spine, and, when adequately shaped, to restore the physiological lordosis of the cervical spine [7, 8].

Integration of the graft depends on multiple factors. The presence of any detrimental condition may diminish the osteogenic potential of the fusion site, and contribute to the development of a nonunion. Numerous systemic risk factors may inhibit bone formation, including use of tobacco or other drugs, advanced age of the patient, and metabolic comorbidities (i.e., diabetes or osteoporosis) [9] (see Chap. 1). Structural instability, improper preparation of the host bone, and poor vascularity are other factors that may contribute to unsuccessful arthrodesis of the spine [5].


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