Pitfalls Related to Inflammatory Disorders

  • Alberto Di MartinoEmail author
  • Luca Denaro
  • Umile Giuseppe Longo
  • Vincenzo Denaro

Surgery for spinal inflammatory disorders represents a measure to manage progressive conditions nonrespond-ing to conservative treatment.Surgery in these often fragile patients has to deal with their associated systemic illnesses, including low bone density, poor renal and metabolic function, secondary diabetes from corti-costeroid treatment, secondary immunodeficiency from the use of immunosuppressant drugs, and poor respiratory function.The treatment of these conditions requires highly specialized centers providing integrated care, with dedicated anesthesiologists, rheumatologists, and surgeons.Surgery is necessary in a minority of patients, and most surgeons will never perform this surgery, which is difficult, risky, and often life-threatening.

Analysis of complications of surgery in inflamma-tory disorders of the cervical spine will deal with patients affected by rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and anky-losing spondylitis (AS), which are the most common inflammatory diseases affecting this spinal segment.RA normally affects the hypermobile segments.Therefore, the cervical spine is the most common involved spinal segment in patients with RA, because of its hypermobility.


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