Over the years there have been numerous research contributions to the field of video and audio retrieval from the academic community as well as rapid innovation on the commercial side from, companies including Internet startups. Database systems vendors have incorporated algorithmic advances via modular architectures (e.g. Informix® Datablades, Oracle® Cartridges). Given the sheer number of deployments of video search systems in industry and on the Web, we will focus on a subset that are of particular technical interest, in order to illustrate the concepts presented in this book. An exhaustive treatment is beyond our scope, and interested readers should consult the valuable surveys of this field provided in [Hanjalic04, Lew06, Tjondronegoro07]. We will focus in greater detail on a particular system to provide an end-to-end practical perspective on video search. Table 10.1 Table 10.1 lists some of the systems mentioned in this chapter.


Speech Recognition Word Error Rate Content Processing Video Database Video Segmentation 
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