Today’s World Wide Web is truly a video Web. Millions of video clips are available to users instantly thanks to widely available broadband IP networks, low-cost storage and mature digital video delivery technologies. The content of this video runs the gamut from skateboarding antics captured on mobile phone cameras up through graduate level university lecture series on computer science. On the commercial entertainment side, all major broadcasters and movie studios have on-line strategies which range from a focus on promoting traditional distribution channels through releasing primetime programming through the Web to capture an emerging demographic who increasingly turn to their laptops for video entertainment instead of their televisions.

Although Internet video systems have made great strides, television still provides the highest quality digital video available to consumers on a daily basis at a level of quality far beyond that of traditional best-effort Internet video streaming. On-line high definition (HD) content is still a novelty. Cable, direct broadcast satellite, and over-the-air digital broadcast are mature technologies providing HD quality entertainment to millions of consumers today, and Internet protocol television (IPTV) is emerging to provide more functionality and provide increased convergence with existing Web technologies. High capacity digital video recorders allow consumers to easily capture many hours of content for viewing at their convenience. An increasing array of set-top devices and smart TVs with IP connectivity provides access to the wealth of Web video (e.g. expatriates can view news from home in their native langue) via streaming or on demand. Closer to home, consumers can browse their videos and photos captured from their digital cameras or purchased on line and archived on their home network server.


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