Periareolar Technique for Correction and Augmentation of the Tuberous Breast

  • Bobby Arun Kumar
  • Darryl J. Hodgkinson


Tuberous breast is an uncommon, if not rare, entity; it is generally a sporadic developmental disorder recognized in young women, occurring soon after puberty with breast development presenting from the ages of 12 or 13 years. The severity of the developmental disorder in tuberous breast varies from hypoplasia of the inferior medial quadrant of the breast, with relatively normal breast volume ,to hypoplasia of all four quadrants of the breast parenchyma as well as degrees of herniation of breast tissue through the nipple–areolar complex. The variety of surgical approaches clearly indicates that appropriate techniques exist for correcting different anatomical presentations of the tuberous breast disorders; therefore, each has a possible successful aesthetic outcome. Each technique aims to result in a normal-size areola, a natural breast shape with matching breast volumes, and an expanded lower segment with a new, lowered inframammary fold.


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  • Bobby Arun Kumar
    • 1
  • Darryl J. Hodgkinson
    • 2
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  2. 2.The Cosmetic and Restorative Surgery ClinicDouble BayAustralia

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