Classification of Breast Ptosis

  • Melvin A. Shiffman


Ptosis classification is a means for following patients, informing consultants, and informing future surgeons. The various classifications that are discussed include those of Lalardrie-Jouglard (1973), Renault (1976), Lewis (1983), Brink (1990), LaTrenta and Hoffman (1994), and de la Torre and Vasconez (2007). The classification of ptosis helps determine the type of surgery for mastopexy. The determination of whether to augment a breast, perform mastopexy, or do a combination of both involves the physician discussing the pros and cons of each procedure with the patient and the patient deciding what is to be done. The patient has to decide on the type of mastopexy surgery, considering the position of the scars.


Inframammary Fold Marked Hypertrophy Skin Envelope Fold Level Lower Contour 
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