Nipple or Areolar Reduction with Simultaneous Breast Augmentation

  • Richard A. Baxter


Patients seeking breast augmentation may present with large or elongated nipples. Although the incidence has not been determined, and aesthetic ideals for nipples are subjective, requests for nipple reduction are not uncommon. The surgical technique for nipple reduction with simultaneous breast augmentation is described, and possible complications are discussed. For patients requesting nipple reduction and breast augmentation with saline-filled implants, this technique provides a useful option. Areolar reduction of up to 1 cm overall diameter can be readily accomplished as well. Because a certain percentage of breast implant patients will require reoperation, consideration of future surgery and scars is worthwhile.


Breast Augmentation Traction Suture Augmentation Mammaplasty Circumferential Incision Postpartum Involution 
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  • Richard A. Baxter
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  1. 1.University of Washington School of MedicineMountlake TerraceUSA

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