Principles of Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Melvin A. Shiffman


The surgeon who follows certain principles in performing breast augmentation may help avoid future problems. These principles include the following: The implant size should fit the patient’s body according to her height and weight; avoid the chronic smoker who will not stop smoking; the new inframammary fold should be well developed in the pocket; the implant should be centrally placed behind the nipple; the muscular attachments to the ribs and sternum in submuscular implants may need to be completely transected or avulsed in order to fit the implant; bleeding in the pocket should be carefully controlled; postoperatively, it is better to fix the implants in proper position for a few days with a bra and wrappings; breast augmentation should not be performed when the patient is lactating; never use closed compression capsulotomy; delay corrective procedures on the breast augmentation patient for at least 6 months after surgery; and know when to stop performing corrective procedures. Other suggested principles are also discussed.


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