Enhanced Projection: Adjustable Gel Implants

  • Hilton Becker
  • Luis A. Picard-AmiJr.


In choosing a breast implant today, it is no longer simply a matter of volume. The surgeon must consider a wide variety of measurements and factors, including base diameter, height, projection, nipple-to-inframammary distance, volume, breast asymmetry, rib cage projection, and ptosis. The enhanced projection adjustable implant is essentially a gel implant with a centrally placed small inner lumen, to which saline can be added as desired. Should no further projection be desired, the saline chamber can be left completely empty. The degree of enhanced projection can be determined with the implant in position. Alternatively, the fill tube can be attached to an injection dome and buried or exteriorized. The adjustable gel implant known as the Spectra has recently been introduced in Europe, with both a smooth and textured surface. Postoperative adjustability will be most beneficial in cases of asymmetry and for patients desiring enhanced projection.


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