Fast Reactions in Energetic Materials

pp 9-29

Theory of the Linear Pyrolysis of Condensed Materials

  • Alexander S. ShteinbergAffiliated with

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Linear pyrolysis is the one-dimensional propagation of the reaction front in thermally decomposing condensed compounds. Numerous energetic materials and their components (polymer binders and oxidizers of solid rocket propellants, homogeneous blasting powders, explosives and others) decompose via linear pyrolysis under intense heating and burning. A theory of linear pyrolysis including analytical expressions relating the rate of linear pyrolysis (burning) to kinetic constants for the decomposition that occurs in a thin layer of the compound near its hot surface is presented. The conclusions of this theory are of significant importance to our understanding of processes such as the burning of solid rocket propellants and explosives, the ablation of space vehicle heat shielding, etc.