Breaking Accessibility Barriers: Computational Intelligence in Music Processing for Blind People

  • Wladyslaw Homenda
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 107)


A discussion on involvement of knowledge based methods in implementation of user friendly computer programs for disabled people is the goal of this paper. The paper presents a concept of a computer program that is aimed to aid blind people dealing with music and music notation. The concept is solely based on computational intelligence methods involved in implementation of the computer program. The program is build around two research fields: information acquisition and knowledge representation and processing which are still research and technology challenges. Information acquisition module is used for recognizing printed music notation and storing acquired information in computer memory. This module is a kind of the paper-to-memory data flow technology. Acquired music information stored in computer memory is then subjected to mining implicit relations between music data, to creating a space of music information and then to manipulating music information. Storing and manipulating music information is firmly based on knowledge processing methods. The program described in this paper involves techniques of pattern recognition and knowledge representation as well as contemporary programming technologies. It is designed for blind people: music teachers, students, hobbyists, musicians.


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