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Applications of Fuzzy Rule Based System

Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 103)
The basic concepts of fuzzy system were described in the earlier chapter. There are numerous applications of fuzzy systems in various fields such as operations research, modeling, evaluation, pattern recognition, control and diagnosis, etc. Fuzzy systems theory is the starting point for developing models of ambiguous thinking and judgment processes, the following fields of application are conceivable:
  1. a.

    Human models for management and societal problems;

  2. b.

    Use of high level human abilities for use in automation and information systems;

  3. c.

    Reducing the difficulties of man-machine interface;

  4. d.

    Other AI applications like risk analysis and prediction, development of functional device.


Fuzzy systems are quite popular in control applications. In standard control theory, a mathematical model is assumed for the controlled system, and control laws that minimize the evaluation functions are determined; but when the object is complicated, mathematical models cannot be determined and one cannot figure out how to decide on the evaluation functions. In these cases, skilled individuals perform control functions by using their experience and intuition to judge situations on the basis of what they think.


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