Life History of Brain

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The history of our quest to understand the brain is certainly as long as human history itself. Use this extensive timeline to meander through some of the high-lights (and low-lights) of this great journey of understanding. There are many evidences of ancient civilization which show that people were conducted surgery on head (Brain). In Hindu religion, Lord Ganesh had the head of elephant, Incarnation of Lord Narsingha, etc. Today due to fast progress of neuro-science, we are at the verge of understanding that how brain functions and what is the relationship between mind and brain, which may provide a basis for understanding consciousness.

Plato hypothesized that the brain was the seat of the soul and also the center of all control. It is somewhat surprising that he came to this correct conclusion in spite of the fact he rejected experiment and observation, and believed that true knowledge came only from pure reasoning and thought such as that involved in mathematics. It is also mentioned that our pleasure, joys, laughter and jests as well as our sorrows, pains, grief and tears every thing is closely controlled by the brain condition.


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