Mine Closure Flow Models and Geochemical Modelling


Modelling of flows in flooded underground mines helps one to understand the release of pollutants from abandoned mines. Mine water models can be used to study the release of naturally occurring pollutants, such as metals released from acid mine drainage, as well as anthropogenic pollutants emanating from underground waste repositories for nuclear and non-nuclear waste. Several approaches to modelling the flow in mines were mentioned in chapter 7, without discussing the possible modelling techniques. The geometry of mines is usually more complicated than a “normal” aquifer and even more complicated than a turbine or motor, and so mine models are comparatively complicated. The following sections will give the novice an introduction to mine water modelling, but it is not meant to provide a detailed understanding of the specialty. It should be noted that there is a large overlap between different models, and even conflicting definitions of what a model is. Furthermore, some models have different capabilities and could be grouped into more than one category (see Christopher Wells’ “Groundwater Modeling Tools” summary at the InfoMine homepage).


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