Experiments with the Production of ShapeShifting Media: Summary Findings from the Project NM2 (New Millennium, New Media)

  • Doug Williams
  • Ian Kegel
  • Marian Ursu
  • Nico Pals
  • Andra Leurdijk
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4871)


Summary results of the assessment of new tools for the generation of reconfigurable screen media (ShapeShifting media) and of eight experimental ShapeShifting screen media productions covering genres including news, documentary and drama, are presented from the project New Millennium, New Media. The new tools for creating interactive and reconfigurable narratives depend upon a Narrative Structure Language which is briefly described. Evaluations suggest that whilst not all the productions could be marketed as they are, all the production formats have commercial potential. The tools, whilst presenting some difficulties in use in their current state, offer a control over the development of narrative found in no existing commercial software.


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  • Ian Kegel
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  • Nico Pals
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  • Andra Leurdijk
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