The ManuFuture Road to High-Adding-Value Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Francesco Jovane
  • Engelbert Westkämper
  • David Williams


The ManuFuture road to High-Adding-Value Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing, as emerging from the results achieved and the foreseeable perspectives is outlined.

ManuFuture, acting as a strategic infrastructure to pursue CSM, has generated SI and the related implementation framework. This encompasses from reference models for action and global co-operation, to EMIRA, to the 25 national ManuFuture platforms and KIC. Stakeholders, from public authorities and financial institutions, industry, university, research institutes and centres, are co-operating in SI implementation, through basic activities. To speed up and lead the implementation process, pilot initiatives are being explored and developed. A manufacturing joint Technology Initiative (JTI) is currently being considered. Its objective is the implementation of manufacturing enabling technologies of the future, based on the ManuFuture technology Strategic Intelligence (SI).


Triple Helix Model Pilot Action Knowledge Triangle Pilot Initiative Strategic Intelligence 
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    • Engelbert Westkämper
      • David Williams

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