The European Strategic Initiative ManuFuture

  • Francesco Jovane
  • Engelbert Westkämper
  • David Williams


TheEuropean Technological and Industrial Revolution for global competitiveness and sustainability of manufacturing is fundamental for European industry. It calls for a structured approach, encompassing – within a robust reference model for action – from SI, to a framework for SI implementation, to stakeholder roles, to resources involved, focusing on transformation of industry and E&RTD&I, to pursue CSM. ManuFuture is a European response to the aforementioned needs.

In this chapter, the European ManuFuture initiative is described, covering from the ManuFuture Platform, to Vision 2020, SRA features: i.e. K-based manufacturing and Roadmap for industrial as well as E&RTD&I system transformation, drivers of change, pillars and domains of actions, multi-level action. Further, this chapter reports on the current situation of the education and RTD&I system in Europe and perspective transformation required as emerging from the SRA. Issues concerning investments in RTD are dealt with.


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