Gaze-based Interaction

  • Takehiko Ohno
  • Riad I. Hammoud
Part of the Signals and Commmunication Technologies book series (SCT)


Nowadays, there are variety of computers available in our everyday life. Personal computers (PC) exist in the office and the home to support people’s activities. Cellular phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) now carry huge amounts of information, and also work as a powerful data terminal connected to a wireless network for supporting their user’s ubiquitous life. TV sets in the living room are now ready to work with a set top box connected to a broadband network to access huge amounts of online content. In the car, audio systems and satellite navigation systems require complicated user operation. However, operation style with those variety of computers is still limited. Traditionally, users are required to use their hands to control an input device like a keyboard, mouse, pen, touch screen or remote controller for computer operation. Even though the computer style is diversified, we have few choices to control them.


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