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Environmental Problems and Restoration Measures in Coastal Dunes in the Netherlands

  • A. M. Kooijman
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 171)

The goal of this chapter is to give an overview of how grassencroachment could have developed in the lime-rich and lime-poor dune areas of the Netherlands and which restoration measures are effective against it. Both aspects were studied as part of the larger Dutch restoration program ‘Restoration plan forest and nature (OBN)’. Detailed methods and results are given in Kooijman and de Haan (1995), van der Meulen et al. (1996), Veer (1997, 1998), Veer and Kooijman (1997), Kooijman et al. (1998, 2000) and Kooijman and Besse (2002).


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