Forging New Frontiers: Fuzzy Pioneers I

Volume 217 of the series Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing pp 155-170

Morphic Computing: Concept and Foundation

  • Germano ResconiAffiliated withCatholic University
  • , Masoud NikraveshAffiliated withEECS Department, BISC Program, University of California

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In this paper, we introduce a new type of computation called ‘‘Morphic Computing’’. Morphic Computing is based on Field Theory and more specifically Morphic Fields. We claim that Morphic Computing is a natural extension of Holographic Computation, Quantum Computation, Soft Computing, and DNA Computing. All natural computations bonded by the Turing Machine can be formalised and extended by our new type of computation model – Morphic Computing. In this paper, we introduce the basis for this new computing paradigm.


Morphic computing Morphogenetic computing Morphic fields morphogenetic fields Quantum computing DNA computing Soft computing Computing with words Morphic systems Morphic neural network Morphic system of systems Optical computation by holograms Holistic systems